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Need a Babysitter or Nanny?

Hello, I'm Sarah. I am 17 this year and looking for a babysitting job. Either in my home (owned by my Christian parents) or I can work in the child(s) home. I c...

Babysitter - Nanny - Lafayette, IN
18 Sep

Babysitting Service Low Rates

Offering low rates for babysitting services in my home in Lynn Indiana. All ages welcome. Call for rates.

Babysitter - Nanny - Lynn, IN
29 Jul

Child Care in Osceola, In

We accept children from 6 weeks olds to twelve years of age. We have a preschool program and school-aged program for before and after school. We do accept CCDF ...

Babysitter - Nanny - Mishawaka, IN
03 Jul

Learning Ladder child care

I have a degree in Elem. Ed. and have been a Title 1 Aide and a para for the last 7 years in the PHM and WaNee school systems. I recently decided to start child...

Babysitter - Nanny - Wakarusa, IN
28 Mar